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baku people

wtorek, 26 września 2006 17:04

the majority of bakunians are azerbaijani (ethnically turkish), the large minority- russian, except for that there is a large community of iranians and iranian azerbaijani, georgians, chechens... and expatriots coming here for the oil industry job.



in general, very friendly, welcoming, helpful, curious and sometimes shy.



this is the apple man with his apple car on the taza (east) market. there are two of them like that. he sells his apples 0.70 USD per kg. once we saw his apple car running fast through the streets. maybe he was coming back home. maybe he lives on an apple tree? maybe he's a flustrated Adam... never mind


this is a man we meet by the bibi heybat mosque, he works in a russian circus nearby dancing with white tigers. (believe it or not :)


a man having his cigarette. people smoke a lot here, by the way, end everywhere, liberte toujours


love in baku. this is rare as people are rather shy about showing emotions in public. this love is on a tour boat by the baku shore.

all pics by G.M.

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mud volcanoes and mad shamen

poniedziałek, 25 września 2006 18:52

Last weekend we went to Gobustan to see the famous mud volcanoes as well as the stone age petroglyphs carved into rocks nearby.
We took a marshrutka (minibus) to the little village of Gobustan and then found a very nice taxi driver who even proved to be honest and agreed to take us around the site for a reasonable price. This is him and his blue car:



Now, the mud volcanoes are the most disgusting and amusing natural phenomena I’ve ever seen. On a dry soil cracked from the sun- muddy grey cones sticking up, farting, producing a cacophony of the appropriate sounds…  this is how the underground layers of gas find its way out to the surface; the cool muddy lava they produce is said to be good for complexion (I tasted it on my hand and thankfully didn’t notice any radical changes).




Having seen the mother earth's excrements, we turned our backs to her unsettling nature and went on to see some signs of culture.



Contrary to what you can witness today, the Caspian shore was alive with forests and wildlife and the neolith men, who definitely enjoyed the climate, depicted the scenes of everyday life on the walls of his caves.

Among the representations of cattle, shamen, dear and dancers there is also a carved picture of a boat which caused some great agitation among the archaeologists- could the Azerbaijani Neolithic man be an ancestor of Vikings?


If you cannot see the figures properly that is because we haven’t filled the engravings with toothpaste like the people making a photo documentary for the site’s museum did…

If this wasn’t enough, on our way back we saw a stone with a Roman message. It was probably left here around 2070 years ago by some bored Roman centurion on his way back from Syria. This is the furthest east Latin inscription ever discovered.


And today we went to a vernissage of Marion Janin who makes illustrations for books for children (she looked like Alice from the Wonderland herself). Beautiful. This is the link to her unfinished site: Marion

This is her Four Seasons


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