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baku christmas saving

piątek, 22 grudnia 2006 8:40


Chrsitmas came even to Baku under the motto of comercialism... It is celebrated here in between the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas in form of the New Year's Eve  (31th December) with Christmas Trees sold everywhere and the city lit up by milions of little lamps wraped around the trees. When you ask people why they celebrate this Christmas New Year fused holidays they seem unaware that this could be perceived as a bit strange by an outsider; they say it's fun- so why not doing it...  hmm...


Snowman in Baku


Our modest christmas tree bought on the flee market for a dollar.


And the weather for the next year looks good. This picture was taken in the beginning of December.


Best Wishes for All of You.


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baku places -the cemetery

niedziela, 17 grudnia 2006 18:19

There is an enormous cemetery on a hill above Baku city centre. It is divided into three parts: Jewish, Orthodox and Muslim (or at least it appears to have been planned this way) but as Azerbaijani people are happy about any religion mixing into their own, Jews lie by Muslims and Muslims amid the fields of Orthodox crosses and nobody seems to mind.



This is in the Jewish part. Hebrew letters filled with moss.



This is a life-size portrait of Milena in the Jewish part. No matter the religion, Azerbaijani like decorating the graves with surprisingly life-like portraits. It feels like if you were standing in front of the dead.




A view on the Jewish part.



The Jewish part is separated from the Orthodox sector by this alley. In the background (in the cloud of pollution) you can see the Baku TV tower.





An orthodox gravestone of a Greek (??!)





Most of the graves in the Orthodox part is very old and neglected compaing to the Jewish gravestones. (But the moss isn't choosey)





The view on the cemetery and the city behind is cosmic as usually. There is even a rocket scrap (an old, corrugated, metal gravestone in fact) lying on the ground (right).

One Muslim grave at the end. This part of the cemetery is the richest one- with marble statues and porches and lots of life-like portraits. Somewhat pretentious too but it seems like Muslim families spend all of their life economies on these memorials.



To compare, this is a very old Muslim cemetery, you can even see the Azerbaijani language written in the Arabic script (before it was forced to Cyrillic and, later on, reformed into the Latin alphabet)

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sobota, 21 października 2017

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