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The match Poland-Azerbaijan

niedziela, 03 czerwca 2007 11:21
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The match was great fun in an absolutely overwhelming atmosphere. Despite the distance and the strangeness of location, around 200 Poles came to see it, some flying from as far as the exodus lands of Scotland.







In the crowd of 20.000 Azeri, our modest ‘white and red’ group attracted lots of attention.





Supporters posing for a photograph.





And the happy photographer







The match begins








The Azeris were very enthusiastic, especially after the first goal scored by their team right at the beginning of the meeting. However, they started leaving the stadium once Poland kicked 2:1 and so many of them missed the last, third goal we scored in the last 90th minute.











After the match, the Edinburgh Poles (and why is this not surprising anyone anymore?)










All in all, and despite the our fears, we were not attacked by the outraged Azeri crowd after the match was over. In fact, some of the Azeri supporters broke into chanting 'Polska' and making it clear that now we have to win with Armenia at least 6:0... (some things never change?)








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